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January 23rd, 2015

Burnt... @ 09:57 pm

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TGIF! Man I'm glad it's finally Friday! It's been an exhausting week, and I'm only getting Sat off before having to go back in to work Sunday. The paychecks are great, but I'm feeling a bit drained going in to week four of 50+ hour work weeks with one day off and poor sleep since Nox has been rather restless all week allowing for very little sleep... averaging around 2 hours a night... I was excited about the prospect of getting a massage at Virginia College Sat afternoon, but while I was at work, I got a message saying they were closing the clinic tomorrow, so no massage for me... *sigh* Just venting a little sorry. I feel better now ;)

We did go out to Outback tonight as Scott wanted to treat Jason to dinner for his birthday and getting together last weekend wasn't happening. Dinner was excellent too! cat2000 and I have been writing a couple responses a day and have finished the latest chapter of our Gotham fic... there WILL be spanking in this chapter! LOL! It'll be below the cut ;)

A what if? Tale where one small instance can change the whole of the universe of Gotham. Takes place in the episode "Arkham" where Oswald goes to Jim at his home letting him know he's returned to which Jim doesn't take to kindly to. WARNING! Will contain non-consensual spanking! Co-written with the lovely cat2000 running Gordon, and I'm running Oswald and peripheral characters

Chapter 3

Cards on the Table

No matter how quiet the movements had been, Jim stirred as he heard the unmistakable sound of someone leaving the apartment. Knowing instantly who it was, he got out of bed, careful not to wake Barbara, and headed to the door.

Jim had made sure to stay in his clothes, just in case something like this happened, so he didn't need to concern himself with getting dressed as he quietly slipped out of the apartment, spotting Oswald's form only a few meters ahead of him.

Not bothering to call out, Jim hurriedly followed the hobbling figure.

Oswald had not been the wiser that Jim was only feet from him as he moved briskly to the elevator pushing the button.

Coming up behind Oswald, Jim reached out and grasped the other man's shoulder. "I knew you'd try sneaking out."

Oswald stiffened at the sound of Jim's voice drawing his shoulders up in anticipation when he felt the heavy hand clamp down. He supposed deep down he had known he didn't have much hope of getting by an on alert detective, but he had had to try. Turning awkwardly to face the man, Oswald stuttered, "Jim! I... I know this doesn't look good, but I really have to go take care of something right now. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to get you involved, I will admit, it is kind of against the law, but doing this is going to get us back in with the Don, Salvatore Maroni,... so you can understand as your informant why this is so important right?"

"I understand you're sneaking out against my explicit instructions," Jim replied, his voice serious. He didn't waste any time in starting to pull Oswald back towards the apartment. He wasn't exactly sure what he'd do when they got there... but he had a few ideas.

"Wait! Jim! Just… just let me explain!" Oswald dug his heels in trying to slow Jim down, but the other man was much stronger than he was and moved him easily towards the door while Oswald flopped and slid behind him.

"I don't think there's any explanation that will make this better." Or any that Jim would believe. He reiterated again, to himself, that at least half of what came out of Oswald's mouth couldn't be believed as he all but dragged Oswald back into the apartment.

"Better? You don't get it! If I'm not there, that's it! I won't be able to help you anymore! Maroni isn't going to trust me, and how can I get you information if I have no connections? I really will be a dead man walking!" Oswald was speaking in fast frantic clips now trying to get Jim to see reason.

"It isn't about helping me, and you and I both know that." Closing the door, Jim turned to face Oswald, while still keeping hold of him. "You're only concerned with saving your own skin. You've been trying to manipulate me from the start, and I'm going to end it. Now."

Oswald's eyes were wide with fear, end it? Had he misread Jim? Oswald didn't think the man capable of killing, but the tone of seriousness that had washed over him and his demeanor suggested danger. Oswald had seen many shades of cruelty in his short stint within the underworld of Gotham, and he knew he'd better plead his case here and now. Holding out on the truth was always one of Oswald's fortes, and so it came tumbling forth in an effort to once more save his own skin, "Jim! Please listen to me! You're right, I did try to manipulate you, but it's only because of the very nature our paths crossed. I can still help you! Please! I'll tell you everything, just don't kill me!"

"I'm not going to kill you." As frustrated as Jim was with the other man, he didn't like that Oswald thought he would do that. He looked around the apartment and then pulled Oswald through to the living room heading over to the couch.

Breathing a little easier at Jim's admission, Oswald assumed Jim meant to sit him down for a serious talk and his fear was replaced with annoyance as he spat, "We don't have time for this! Let go of me this instance!" Oswald had worked Jim in to his plan, so when the time came and Maroni and Fish were taken care of, Oswald would be able to hand Jim enough evidence to get rid of Falcone leaving him to be the top dog in Gotham's underworld. Oswald had not however predicted that Jim might also get into his way as well… at least not until his meddling would be considered beneath his concern.

"You aren't in control here." Jim's voice was serious as he reached the couch. Taking a seat, he didn't waste any time in pulling the other man across his lap. He had a split second to decide whether he was going to go through with this or not, but he was serious with his instructions to Oswald and with that thought in mind, he slid his arm around Oswald's waist to hold him in place.

Oswald was too stunned to resist seemingly confused by the action until the other man's arm drew around his waist and a dawning realization came over him, "What are you doing? Hey! No! You can't!"

Oswald didn't have a lot of mobility, but he found himself squirming fiercely now. His own mother had never spanked him, he'd be damned if it was going to happen now!

Simply tightening his hold, Jim brought his hand down in a firm swat on the center of Oswald's bottom, before repeating it. "When I give you an instruction, I expect you to obey it," he said seriously.

The explosion of pain was unlike any pain Oswald had experienced. He'd never been very adept at taking pain, but he quickly realized this particular pain was going to wear away at him rapidly due to its exactness. He squalled out in surprise jerking about angrily, "Ow! Damn it! Cut it out!"

"You seem to think you have control over this... over me," Jim said, swatting with every other word. "You don't. It's fairly clear that you're in over your head and they're going to see through your manipulations. If not now, then soon."

Oswald's back arched as Jim continued to pepper his backside. This really hurt, and Oswald was finding that it made concentrating on any eloquence in speech rather difficult as he screamed out the first thing that came to mind at Jim's words, "Okay! I get it! I don't have control! We can talk this out without violence! Please!" Oswald's mind reeled with a mass of emotions from anger, to fear, and finally confusion. This chosen tactic was not anything in the scope of what Oswald predicted may happen if Jim had caught him sneaking out, and what was more flabbergasting to Oswald was Jim's words of concern. Why did Jim care? Oswald supposed that his alarm must stem from fear for himself and Barbara, but something in the back of his mind niggled at the concept that Jim wasn't the type to let fear rule him especially not to this extreme.

"This isn't violence," Jim pointed out, his hand landing hard and with unerring accuracy, not so much as loosening his hold on the other man. "And talking to you hasn't worked so far. I'm sure you were planning on sneaking out as soon as you realized I was serious about you staying here."

Oswald let out a small whimper at Jim's declaration becoming rather desperate in the fact that no matter how he bucked, the other man's hand found its target. The loss of control was probably the worst aspect leaving Oswald feeling helpless to the whims of detective Gordon's resolve. Jim had been right of course, and this fact had Oswald hesitate a moment before the onslaught of the continued stinging had him frantically assessing what he could say to get out of his current predicament, "You're right! I… I was planning on sneaking out, and I'm sorry! I really should have spoken to you on the importance of this meeting!"

"There's a lot more you should have spoken to me about," Jim said, his voice still serious. "Even now, there are things you're hiding... things you're not telling me. You're still trying to manipulate me." He started bringing his hand down a little harder and faster.

How could a punishment meant for children have such an affect Oswald absently wondered as he tried to hold back any further conversation in lieu of the fact he was almost more afraid of what Jim would do if he did know the full truth. Although, the faster Jim's hand descended, the harder it was for Oswald to think of anything outside of getting the man to stop swatting him, and so Oswald sputtered out much to his own chagrin, "I'll tell you whatever you want to know! Just please stop!"

"I think you can talk just as well like this." Especially since Jim suspected that Oswald wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to keep on lying. He said as much to the other man. "I suspect you'll be more honest."

It was maddening to be trapped like this, and Oswald let out an inarticulate scream as the sting became unbearable without any form of relief in sight. He had to cave he realized or Jim was just going to keep applying this unrelenting torture. "I'm supposed to meet Maroni to pull off a robbery! I had an inside man, and doing this job will get me closer to Maroni! Isn't that what we both want?"

"I think what you and I want are very different things," Jim said. "You're furthering your own agenda. Why?" He paused, but only so that he could start drawing Oswald's pants down.

Oswald tensed feeling the other man pulling at his pants. His head spun around anxiously as he blurted out in a panic, "No!" He was reeling at Jim's words, and the divestment of his clothing served to make him blush more fiercely than moments ago he thought was possible. The skin there he could see was already a deep shade of pink which only served to humiliate him further. Oswald was tired of dancing around the truth with the man as it seemed the detective could read his intent clearly. Responding in quick bursts, Oswald tried to get out what he believed Jim was really after, "Yes! I wasn't being entirely truthful with you… of course I was furthering my own agenda! I… I'm tired of being a lackey, and I saw Maroni as a way of moving up through the ranks, so I could get Fish back for what she's done to me… My plans were solid, but you! You are ruining them with your intrusiveness! I picked you because I thought you were a good man Jim!" Realizing at that moment he may have given the man a little more information than he intended with that last sentence, Oswald moaned pitifully, "Please stop! I promise I won't try to leave again without permission!"

Barbara's voice now cut through the dark in alarm having been awoken by the noise, "Jim? What's going on?" She stumbled wearily in to the living room stopping in her tracks as her mind pieced the scene in front of her together.

Oswald for his part ducked his head in embarrassment silently cursing himself that he had not been quiet enough not to wake Barbara.

Jim didn't actually release Oswald, even though he hadn't been planning to wake Barbara up. "Barbara... you should go back to bed," he said. He couldn't really figure out how to explain this, since it had been a spur-of-the-moment action.

Oswald sensing Jim's hesitation reacted, "Barbara! Help me! Talk some sense into him! He's gone insane!"

Barbara blinked unsure how to react now, "Jim? Are you... are you really spanking him?" It was a rhetorical question she knew, but she was having a hard time wrapping her mind around what she was seeing.

"Can we talk about this later?" Jim was sure he could justify himself to Barbara, but he didn't want to reveal his thoughts to Oswald. He might be reluctant to do any lasting harm to the other man, but he was pretty certain that if he let Oswald know that, he'd be dealing with a lot more than this.

Oswald countered quickly to his only chance at getting out of his current situation, "No! Barbara please don't leave me alone with him!"

Barbara's eyes went back and forth between the two men her brow furrowed in confusion before she decided it was best to leave and let Jim sort out whatever was happening. Barbara, unfortunately for Oswald, trusted Jim completely giving him a short nod, "Okay. I'll be in the bedroom."

She turned to leave and Oswald called out her name in desperation, but Barbara didn't answer his plea leaving him once more with Jim. He visibly gulped turning back to Jim more afraid than ever that he would continue his onslaught of vicious slaps to his already very sore rear, "Please Jim! You've made your point, I swear I won't lie to you, you have my full attention!"

"This isn't just about lying to me," Jim said, but didn't bother covering what he knew Oswald was already aware of. Lifting his hand, he began swatting Oswald's bare backside, though he kept the swats a little bit lighter than the ones he'd already been dishing out.

Oswald's heart sank at Jim's words, and he visibly jerked as the spanking continued now. The momentary break had allowed a reprieve, but fresh pain caused his tolerance to go out the window as a steady stream of "Ow, ow, ow!" escaped Oswald's lips.

Oswald didn't want to cry, but as he thought of the way Barbara had looked at him before abandoning him to his fate and the position he was in currently as he looked back to see Jim's stern expression while the man's hand now turned his bottom cherry red, Oswald's emotions overloaded and the standing tears that had thus far glazed over his eyes now spilled down his cheeks as he quietly took pity on himself.

Jim started speaking as he continued swatting, not even slowing his rhythm. "You can't sneak out. The main reason you're here is for your protection; I didn't lie when I told your mother that. I also had a fairly good idea you intended to sneak out anyway."

Oswald practically wailed his frustration now, "I don't need your protection! Please! I can't take any more!" Unable to help himself any longer Oswald began to sob feeling utterly defeated by the man.

Jim's hand slowed to a stop, and he rested it gently on the other man's back. "You're not doing that good a job of protecting yourself," he pointed out. "It went far enough for Fish to order your execution. If it gets that far again, you won't get another chance. The next person will be someone certain to put a bullet in you."

Sniffling and trying to catch his breath, Oswald warbled out, "Why do you care if I live or die?" It was the question that had Oswald's gut churning throughout this whole episode. Any other person that would have dared to do this to him would have suffered his wrath and hatred, but Jim was different. Oswald didn't hate him as much as he wanted to because he knew deep down that even though this experience was one of the worst he'd ever had, Jim didn't truly mean him harm and in fact was truly trying to keep him safe albeit in a manner Oswald would rather do without.

"Because I think you could be a good person." With a lot of help and guidance, maybe. Jim knew that Oswald had probably done a lot of bad things since coming back to Gotham. He also knew that he couldn't turn his back on Oswald and expect the other man not to try and knife him. Just because the potential was there didn't mean anything was going to change immediately.

Jim's words echoed in Oswald's mind. He hadn't felt like a good person in a long time, and for Jim to state he thought it was possible gave him some small hope that he actually could. Oswald looked back now with red-rimmed eyes to ascertain whether or not Jim was actually serious before timidly questioning, "Do... do you really think so?"

"I do," Jim answered, firmly and without hesitation. "Do I think it's going to be easy? No. But I think that, with help and guidance, it's possible for you to get there. Which is why I doubt this spanking is going to be the last one."

Oswald thought to himself that he was pretty damn sure it was going to be the last one if he could help it!

Jim's words laid heavily on him as he wanted the other man's approval, but what Jim wanted and what Oswald wanted were at opposite ends of the spectrum. He had a feeling that Jim's new commitment to keep him 'safe' would definitely not coincide with his aspirations of becoming Falcone's replacement.

Wiping the tears from his face Oswald responded, "It means a lot coming from you that you think well of me. I'll do my best not to disappoint you... but if we're going to keep working together, I'm going to have to go to this meet up tonight you do realize that right?" Oswald's body had tensed waiting to hear how Jim would respond because not going was going to cut off a lot of options for him, and after this recent bit of incentive, Oswald wasn't willing to try to take off any time soon.

"I don't think going to the meet is a good idea," Jim said. "I think you're pushing things too far." And if he was going to help Oswald be a good person, he needed to do that without the other man being under the influence of people like Marconi and Fish.

Oswald sucked in his frustrations with a deep breath. If this conversation had went this way previous to Jim yanking Oswald over his lap, Oswald imagined his temper would have boiled over, but he was feeling quite subdued currently and all the fight he would have had fled due to his current position, Instead, Oswald stated carefully, "No need to be so hasty… if you let me up, I think we can talk about this whole thing rationally."

"We are talking about this rationally," Jim said. "You aren't going. I believe you can be a good man eventually, but not when you're being exposed to people like Maroni and Fish."

Oswald realized then that there would be no convincing Jim to let him go to see Maroni, and he would have to relent in this way. He knew Maroni would require an appearance in some fashion, and standing him up was out of the question. Oswald relayed his dilemma to Jim, "Okay… I won't go, but I have to at least touch base with Maroni, or I'll be seen in a very bad light. I don't think I need to tell you how poorly that could reflect on me." Oswald was sure even calling Maroni would likely not go over well, but it would at least give him the opportunity to contact him without risk of harm later when Jim didn't have such an eagle's eye on him.

"I don't want you contacting him without me there," Jim said. "You can use my phone while I'm standing here, but any further attempts to contact him without my authorization will get you spanked again." His tone was clear and no-nonsense.

Frowning at the mention of another spanking Oswald gave a small nod of acknowledgement, "I won't," hoping to be done with the spanking and get off the other man's lap he groaned, "We can call him now and be done with it." It felt like defeat to give in to Jim's demands so readily, but at the moment, Oswald felt like he had very little choice other than to obey the other man's wishes if he ever wanted to remove himself from his current plight.

The thought of losing leverage with Maroni was still upsetting; since meddling with these people he'd been beaten severely, had his leg broken irreparably, had his face placed on a meat slicer, and he had been and still was actively trying to be murdered. Not to mention that was just within the past couple months… this lifestyle he had to admit to himself would likely be his undoing in the end, but the fact Jim was pushing his buttons and forcing his hand brewed a deep seeded anger within him. Oswald wasn't a man to be told what to do, and he wouldn't be cowed so easily. The first chance he was capable, Oswald would show Jim who had the upper hand.

"You can call now. In here. After you've had something to eat," Jim said, aware that the plate of food left for Oswald was still untouched. He patted the man's back gently, almost unaware he was doing so, before replacing Oswald's clothing and then helping him to his feet.

Oswald's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he was helped up; the dichotomy of pain and caring left him perplexed emotionally. His anger subsided slightly under the sudden pang of registered hunger and Jim's attempt to care for him in this way. He hadn't eaten in quite some time, and that spaghetti was sounding rather good right about now even though his mind was still a torrent of mixed thoughts on what he needed to do next.

He choked out a muttered disdainful thanks and moved sorely over to the table glad to be under his own control again. He watched Jim warily as the man moved into the kitchen pulling out the plate and placing it in the microwave. His stomach was still doing flip flops at the contemplation on how to word what he would say to Maroni to appease Jim but leave an opening to continue dialogue at a later date.

Setting the microwave to heat up the food, Jim decided, after a moment's consideration, to pour Oswald out a glass of water. He set it in front of the other man and then, once the food was warmed up, he put the plate in front of Oswald, too, along with some cutlery

Oswald briefly imagined taking the fork and jabbing the other man in the leg with it and making a run for it, but the thought was fleeting at the likelihood Jim would evade and overpower him being a trained policeman and all. No, Oswald wasn't about to go down that road, too many variables with bad consequences. Instead, Oswald lowered his eyes to his plate and grumbled, "Well, I guess at least you feed your prisoners decently."

"If you were a prisoner, you wouldn't be staying here in my apartment," Jim said. "I meant what I said to you." But he still had no intention of turning his back on Oswald. Or giving the other man the opportunity to escape.

Oswald sighed feeling rather ragged from the day's events. Why did Jim want to help him? He couldn't understand what Jim could gain from it, and the thought left him feeling wary and curious.

Oswald used the time to eat to reflect on what he was going to say to Maroni, and before he knew it the food was gone. He made a mental note to compliment Barbara on her cooking. He looked to Jim expectantly now having decided he was ready, "Alright; let's call him," Oswald announced a hint of annoyance tinting his voice. He was going to do what Jim asked, but that didn't mean he had to pretend he liked it.

Jim nodded and took the empty plate and glass to put them in the sink, before he picked up his phone and passed it over to Oswald. "You know what I expect you to say." He didn't add, 'And what I don't expect you to say,' but it did hang in the air.

Simply smiling tightly, Oswald took the phone, "Of course," he stated before dialing Maroni's number. The phone rang five times before one of Maroni's lackeys picked up and Oswald stated he needed to speak with the Don all the while fixing Jim with a smug smile.

"Where the he'll are ya?" Maroni's voice rang through the receiver with obvious irritation.

Oswald smiled devilishly, "Oh, I'm hanging out with my buddy, detective Gordon here on the corner of 26th and 8th. You know that fancy brownstone on the corner?" Oswald had rose from his seat by now in case Jim got any funny ideas. "Yeah, that one. Apartment 33F... I'm calling you, you see because Jim thinks meeting with you is a bad call, and I tried to tell him you wouldn't likely agree, so I called you to talk some sense into him." Oswald's smile widened as he thrust the phone towards Jim and stated almost cheerfully, "Here; it's for you."

Jim knew he should have expected something like this, especially given the look Oswald had given him while making the call. He fixed Oswald with a hard, almost warning stare as he took the phone from the other man. Two could play at that game. He spoke evenly into the phone. "Oswald has found employment elsewhere, but he'd rather I was the one to tell you he's no longer going to be working with you."

Oswald visibly blanched at Jim's statement but kept his mouth shut letting the scene play out.

Maroni let out a humorless laugh, "Is that so? Well, that is unfortunate; but we do kind of have plans, and I don't like wasting my time getting all dressed up to go out and all... you can understand that can't ya? I'll tell you what, I'm gonna send a friend by to pick him up, and after our little get together, we'll see how he feels about other employment opportunities."

"While I'm sure your plans are noble and law-abiding," Jim said, rather pointedly, "I'm going to have to decline the offer." His tone of voice was calm, but somehow still managed to hold a hint of suggestion that he could still make Maroni's life difficult, even if prison was out of the question right now.

All the humor dropped out of Maroni's voice, "Excuse me? I don't think you quite understand me friend, if you know what's good for ya you'll have the little gimp on the front steps of your apartment by the time his ride pulls up, or we might have to have a serious discussion you and I. Capiche?"

Jim could have continued, goading Maroni into further conversation, but he decided against it. Since he didn't think he needed to add anything to what he'd said already, he hung up without another word.

Oswald tried to hide his glee of one-upping Jim by placing a look of sincerity on his face, "I tried to tell you that there just is no reasoning with the man," backing away towards the door, Oswald added, "I should probably be going now; we don't want to upset Maroni further."

Jim frowned, but didn't say a word, realizing he was going to have to go about this a different way. If he wanted to stop Oswald, he was clearly going to have to do so in a much more subtle way... and an idea was already forming inside his mind.

Seeing Jim had nothing to say, Oswald gave him a small smile and a wave as he opened the door, "Don't wait up," he said almost casually moving through the door and swiftly hobbling to the elevator to get downstairs; a small thrill of fear still lingered at what Jim might do as he'd left. Although, once in the elevator, he breathed a sigh of relief being out of arm's length of the brutish detective.

He frowned rubbing fiercely at his bottom which still radiated the tingling reminder of his and Jim's most recent painful encounter. Oswald swelled with anger at the thought of what Jim had done to him, but he couldn't help thinking over the event and what he'd divulged to Jim under duress. The words 'I know you can be a good person,' weighed on him as he trudged towards the entrance of the brownstone, and Oswald frowned suddenly feeling a pang of guilt knowing what he was about to do, but he quickly pushed it out of his mind as he exited seeing the familiar Cadillac of one of Maroni's men pulling up. He smiled waving at the car as it pulled up and gingerly climbed inside.
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Date:January 24th, 2015 04:21 am (UTC)
*HUGS* Hope you get some rest, lovie. You more than earned it!

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Date:January 24th, 2015 04:27 am (UTC)
No rest for the wicked... I have to write my IP weekly major term paper tomorrow... at least this class has been less demanding than the last few, so this assignment will hopefully only take around 6 to 7 hours to write verse the 12 to 13 oO
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Date:January 24th, 2015 07:22 am (UTC)
Rest man. And sing a song to unwind. 😃
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Date:January 24th, 2015 07:32 am (UTC)
Singing a song might be therapeutic about now, but when I'm this tired my voice goes out something horrible ;) Rest... it's going on 1:30am, so I'm going to grab a good shower and try to catch some zzz's for now and try to do some singing tomorrow :)
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Date:January 24th, 2015 12:35 pm (UTC)
Well shoot! I love massages, I can understand your disappointment.
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Date:January 24th, 2015 06:36 pm (UTC)
I got some good news though, we don't have to work tomorrow! Woot! XD
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Date:January 24th, 2015 06:37 pm (UTC)
Yay! :D
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Date:January 24th, 2015 06:38 pm (UTC)
Suddenly the day became a lot brighter! LOL! ;)
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Date:January 28th, 2015 03:01 pm (UTC)
For some reason I thought I had responded to this post already. 50 hours a week is a LOT. I hope your day off was relaxing. Bummer about no massage though. :(

Mmmm... I love The Outback. Which I suppose is kind of odd since I'm not a huge fan of beef, and I hate sea food. But I do love chocolate, so I always get the 'thunder down under'. It's amazing I'm not 300 pounds. LOL I've even been known to get that first, and then get a cup of soup after for my 'dinner'.

You already know I loved this chapter of the story - because spanking is awesome! :)

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Date:January 29th, 2015 02:03 am (UTC)
It was getting a bit taxing especially coming home to many distractions with the kids while trying to do homework... funny this week is dead and I got sent home early today to cut hours! LOL! I was texted on Sat and told we didn't have to come in. Apparently, they knocked the bottom out of the yard and left hardly any work to do! oO

We got a thunder down under to celebrate! (We had it to go, as we were definitely full on steak by the time we left! ;) You must have a high metabolism then :) I look at food and gain weight! LOL!

LOL! Spanking IS awesome ;) And we should be almost ready to post the next chapter very soon (It also has spanking LOL! We are finishing up with the aftermath currently :P)
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Date:January 29th, 2015 04:02 am (UTC)
Well, I'm not sure about my high metabolism. It's more like my eyes are too big for my stomach. I can't ever eat a whole thunder down under. Usually we get one of those for the four of us, so I get 1/4 of it. :)

Hooray for more spanking! :) I can't wait.
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Date:January 29th, 2015 04:22 am (UTC)
It is too big for one person, but I think it's designed to share... or for people that REALLY like dessert! LOL!

Yes! I'm hoping to post by tomorrow! ;)
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Date:January 29th, 2015 09:07 pm (UTC)
I don't know how anyone can survive on such little sleep. I know I can't!

Can't you reschedule your massage?
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Date:January 30th, 2015 06:04 am (UTC)
It is rough and often gets Jason and I testy with each other and the kids.

I start work before they open, and they are closed before I'm off, so since they only do make ups on Sat, it makes it kind of hard to :/
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Date:February 2nd, 2015 03:07 pm (UTC)
Great story! It really captured the emotion of being spanked by a man and how restrained and captured he was.
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Date:February 2nd, 2015 03:15 pm (UTC)
Why thank you my dear ;) We're pumping these chapters out like crazy,and it feels really good to be writing again. It's nice to know that I'm capturing those emotions from Oswald's side as I'm quite sure he is feeling just that ;)
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Date:February 2nd, 2015 03:34 pm (UTC)
Awesome, can't wait to read more!

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