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December 18th, 2014

Two questions for today! @ 09:49 pm

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Gods I've been so caught up with this latest project that I'm falling behind on updating here. I have half of it done thankfully, and I am hoping to finish it up by Saturday. I have a few pics and videos to share by then as well, and I am looking SO forward to having next week off for Christmas from both work AND school! YAY! =D We are going to be heading out Tuesday to my dad's and will be heading home the day after Christmas, so I may fall behind depending on activities and holiday'ing' :P

Some sad news:
Hercules went missing two Sunday's ago, and we have about given up hope of his returning :( We think he got out when we were bringing in the groceries (he loved to sneak out in to the yard whenever we had to do this, and I gather we had been so tied up with the kids we hadn't noticed until that night.) He had gone missing for a day or so prior to this, but he's never been gone this long. I just really hope that some family saw him out and about and being that he's super friendly took him in. It has been averaging in the mid thirties, and it is definitely a bad time of year for him to have gone exploring *sigh* Send out hopeful vibes for his safety and happiness wherever he may be *tears*

I'm going to move away from that depressing thought now... Questions below the cut!

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December 16th, 2014

It's getting kind a kinky *evil grin* @ 09:32 pm

Current Mood: devious

Today's question:

[personal profile] ashmedai asks:
Dec 16 What is one kinky activity that you fantasize about, but would never want to carry over to reality?

This might be a little too dark for some, so I will state my answer under the cut!

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December 15th, 2014

10 days and counting! @ 09:47 pm

Wow... can you believe it's only ten days until Christmas? I feel so dragged out this week, and I have yet to get my Christmas cards done... I did get my layaway out, and we will have to start the awesome task of wrapping all those lovely gifts for the kiddos ;)

A very special happy birthday wish goes out to [personal profile] judaskiss! =D

I missed a day yesterday, so I'll have today and yesterday's questions below the cut :P

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December 12th, 2014

Question meme! @ 11:48 pm

Today's question!

[profile] frostydragon asks:
December 12
What is your all time favorite cartoon that includes a spanking? =3 (I’m curious to see if I know it.)

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December 8th, 2014

(no subject) @ 09:58 pm

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I missed two days of questions, but didn't have one today, so I'm going to answer both below the cut :)

(I actually posted these pics in my last blog, but for some reason it didn't transfer over to my crosspost through Dreamwidth *scratches head* Not sure what happened there, but anyway... Take two! LOL!) Lookity look! Click the link to see the Christmas pics of the family! =D *squee!*
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December 7th, 2014

I'm falling behind! 0o Christmas photos! XD @ 11:01 pm

I know I missed day 6 where [personal profile] ashmedai gave me a fun question to answer. (I will be answering it tomorrow I'm hoping... I'm just kind of brain dead at the moment! Oo) Sorry my sweet! Your question requires thinking, so I want to take my time for it! ;)

This weekend has been pretty chock full of stuff that I've fallen behind pretty badly internet wise! oO

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December 2nd, 2014

Question meme and Daleks oh my! XD @ 10:45 pm

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Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything goes - whatever strikes your fancy, and nothing is taboo or TMI, or any of that nonsense. If you're not comfortable asking here, go ahead and PM me.

So far I've got:

[profile] cookielaura
Dec 1 favourite things to eat and drink?
[profile] katje0711
Dec 2. Who's your favorite author and what's your favorite book by them?
[personal profile] ashmedai
Dec 6 How did you come to realize you were kinky? Do you think it's always been a facet of your personality, or did it evolve?
[profile] iamrman82
Dec 9 Favourite Christmas movie and/or Christmas song
[personal profile] dungeonwriter
Dec 14 Favorite movies of yours.
[profile] ficwriterjet
Dec 20 Now that you've had two kids, and some time to recover from the pregnancy/birth, how do you think the two pregnancies and births compared? Was one better or easier than the other and why?
[personal profile] connorblond
Dec. 25 Sunrise or sundown?

Feel free to chime in on any more questions to fill up the month! =D

Today's question!

[profile] katje0711
Dec 2. Who's your favorite author and what's your favorite book by them?

I'd probably have to say Stephen King since I've read so much of his stuff and enjoyed most of what I've read in the manner he executes his ideas. My favorite book by him... that's tough, but I would probably have to sat The Drawing of the Three from the Dark Tower series. I really like Rolland and his adventures bringing his companions into his world and getting more info about Jake etc. Just a lot of fun over all. I'm ashamed I still have yet to finish the series.... 3 more books after Wizard and Glass and then that epilogue if I remember correctly?

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November 28th, 2014

Elf on a shelf and Dec meme! @ 10:33 pm

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So, I got this cute little Christmas tradition called Elf on a Shelf from my step-mom last year to show to Lucian where it has a video and a book along with a little stuffed elf. The story is that the elf is taken out and given a name, and from this he gets his magic to fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa if you've been naughty or nice and what you want for Christmas :P Lucian was still a little too young last year, so I saved it for this year. We watched the video tonight, and Lucian gave his elf the name 'Jack' This is going to be fun LOL! Here's a pic of me and the kids watching the video with his little elf ;) (Of course this is before I realized kids aren't supposed to 'touch' them or they'll lose their magic! LOL! I don't think Lucian will remember that part though :P

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November 27th, 2014

I am thankful... @ 09:10 pm

Current Mood: thankful thankful

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face thinking about all the things I hold dear and appreciate.

I'm thankful for:

My kids, they make every day worth striving to be a better person

My husband, who taught me the meaning of commitment

My family, for giving me life, memories, and an understanding of what it is to love someone even if at times you feel like you've hated them

My friends, you've given me your heart, your shoulder, and inspiration, laughs, and joy

My cats, you always know when I need a nuzzle

My school, for giving me opportunity to be something more

My job, for providing a stable earning to feed my family

My health, so that I can rise every morning and enjoy life

There is so much to be thankful for; I couldn't possibly list it all (and if I did, it'd likely bore you to tears! LOL!) But I did want to drop by and say that I hope everyone's Thanksgiving has been good and to know that you are all loved *snugs and hugs!*

I did have a little video to share of Nox and Lucian ;)


November 15th, 2014

Nox's first word! =D @ 10:37 pm

Current Mood: tired tired

Nox has been doing a lot of babbling lately, and has said dada a couple times, so this morning I had to catch it on video to share ;)

Last day of freedom from school, and it's been a nice break! I start my new class tomorrow for International management, so hopefully my last class will help build insight in that regard. :) I watched the first season of True Detective these past couple days. It was an interesting series with great realistic techniques that a detective would use that I liked. It was a bit dark, and Jason complained that it was depressing. I thought it was well written, but yeah, no fluffy happy moments, and the characters are mostly all douche bags. LOL! The development of tho two main characters personalities from first meeting to the final episode was a neat journey, but the way the story was told, I have to wonder how they plan to make a second season.For those who have watched the show, what do you think?

Just finished D&D, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to totally hack CBLoader on to my new computer to avert the demo newer release to keep the program leveling my character past 3rd level (since Wizards of the Coast have seemingly put a lock-down on the program to charge a hefty $9.95 a month for their use of it and other not that great perks... crap... eh yeah no. A pirate's life for me Eyarg! :P)

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